(last updated on 31 December 2018)

stepped down on Earth on: 21st September 1989

Educational qualifications:
– PSLE (Bedok West Primary School, class of 2001)
– GCE O Levels (Ngee Ann Secondary School, class of 2005)
– GCE A Levels (Saint Andrew’s Junior College, class of 2007)
– Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy), Second Class Honours (Upper) (NUS Business School, class of 2014)



– Senior Accountant, Financial Planning & Control Department, Finance Division, Singapore Airlines Limited (1 December 2017 – present)

– Accountant, Financial Planning & Control Department, Finance Division, Singapore Airlines Limited (15 December 2015 – 30 November 2017)


– Associate, Tax Services, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP (7 July 2014 – 4 December 2015)


Some other talent:
– Erhu Grade 7 (but having not touched the erhu since he left JC… hmm… it may now be Grade 1/7)

National Service:
finished serving National Service as a driver at 36SCE and BMTC School 2 01/08 Orion Coy from 09 January 2008 to 08 November 2009. Completed service as Corporal First Class. 🙂

Work experiences prior to graduation:
– Worked as a gift packer, before becoming the Quality Controller from Nov 2005 (after finishing O’Level exams) to Mar 2006 (start of JC education, i did not do 1st 3-mths then…)
– Worked as temporary administrative and accounts assistant at CPF Board from Nov 2009 (after finishing full-time National Service) to Jul 2010 (one-monthbreak before start of university
– Worked as temporary Special Projects executive at Training Vision Institute Pte Ltd (prev known as Training Vision Pte Ltd). Dealt with the preparation of logistics for different special projects conducted for the participants at the Institute. Major project done was the full detailed planning and carrying out of 3 Resume Workshops for the participants.
– Went back to Central Provident Fund Board Finance Department and served as a Intern for one month between December 2011 and January 2012. Assisted my colleagues with the testing of a new system to be implemented later this year, and also other duties that were assigned to me.
– Went to Ernst & Young for my Summer Internship, which was also compulsory as part of my graduation requirements, from May to August 2012. Served as a Tax Intern, mainly dealing with compliance activities at the Corporate Tax division.
– Went to Ernst & Young for a 2nd time for my Summer Internship, from May to August 2013. Served as a Tax Intern, mainly dealing with compliance activities at the Human Capital department, which involves individual tax filing for expatriates and locals. Experienced a very challenging peak period while rushing for the filing deadline, but fret not, quality is never compromised.


34 thoughts on “pErsOnAls

  1. Hello, I am a junior of yours studying Business in NUS, I also want to transfer to accountancy. Might I ask how hard is it? Like do you need great CCA or leadership qualities etc because when I applied I don’t have any uni results out yet. Will they interview you or everything is based on A levels results? Thank you so much! I find that I cannot handle all the business presentation and essay stuff.

    1. Hello!

      Transferring is a serious matter, cos you can only transfer once. so no turning back once you are in accountancy.

      I am not sure how hard it is for the transfer. I jus applied for it, do note that the window is different yah. so don’t miss it. it closes before the window opens for the students after A Level results are released. the website to note is:
      the window hasn’t open for the new AY yet so yah still can decide about it.

      or are you applying to transfer in Sem 2? I’m not sure if great CCA or leadership skills are required, it will all be in as that required in the application form. As for interview, cos I applied in Year 1 Sem 2, i wasn’t called for interview also.

      As for the last part of your comment, frankly speaking, firstly, even if you transfer to accountancy, you will still be doing presentations and essays. the only time you will see lots of numbers is during acc 1002 and acc 2002. as you do higher level acc mods, i will say, the calculation gets lesser and it slowly becomes more qualitative. that’s what i see from the 3 level 3000 mods i took last sem. not doing any accounting mods now cos i’m on exchange. and yah, this brings to the point that you cannot map accountancy mods on exchange. 🙂

      presentation n essays will always be common in biz sch, so need to get used to it lor. i’m not good at those too… but just have to learn whenever u can. it’s to prepare us for the future when we go out to work too. 🙂

      hope this helps. Happy Sunday! 🙂


  2. Good Day !

    You do have a creative blog!

    I was wondering whether u can share with me your DSC2006 and FIN2004 notes as i be taking it this semester!!

    -kiasu nus student

    1. thanks.

      will be sending the stuff you need to your email. but then, since you are taking them this semester, i suppose it will be the same eh… haha 🙂

      but anyway, hope it will be of some help to you.

      lian jiahui cheyne

  3. Hey, I came across your blog while googling for notes to prepare for advance placement test in Nus biz for mod exemptions. I will really appreciate if you could share with me your DSC2006 and MKT1003 materials.

    Thank you soooo much..

    1. Hey… thanks alot. I’m kinda sort of busy now with my internship and I have also archived all my stuff in a hard disk so I will need time to retrieve it. I think I can give you earliest end july or early august. Is that ok?

  4. I’m really terribly sorry to trouble you but my test is on 23 July 😦

    All the best for your internship!

    your Junior

  5. Hi JiaHui

    I am a junior of yours and I am so glad to come across your blog while googling. I am really excited and anxious for the new term and I would really appreciate if you could send me your notes so that I can be more prepared for my uni life.

    Thanks and I am really sorry for disturbing you.

      1. Hi Jia Hui

        Oh because I don’t know what modules they will be allocating to me. Do you mind adding me to your Dropbox group (I am actually looking for Year 1 & Year 2 modules notes)?

      2. Oh ok… haha I dun actually have my y1 stuff in dropbox… more of y2 actually… I will add u in n u jus take a look yah… give me some time… I will do so when I’m free from work at home kk… thanks! 🙂

      3. Hey Bear,

        I have looked through my dropbox account, I actually only have year 2 modules with me now. Will need some time for me to dig out the year 1 stuff as I am doing my internship now and I don’t really have that much of the spare time too. My year 1 stuff are all in my hard-disk and not stored in my computer as I am clearing up space on it. Hope you can understand.


  6. hey happened to chance upon your website, I’m also an accounting student in NUS! do you mind sending me notes/tutorials for the mods ACC3603/3605/3601 and DSC2006 if you still have? dropbox me if you can! Will really appreciate it!

  7. Hey, I have been reading your blog since I stepped into uni and it has been a good read (especially so as I am doing the same course as you!) I am going to apply for the compulsory internship soon so I am wondering if you can send me your cover letter for me to use it as a reference 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  8. HI there! I’m a freshman in the next nus batch (2015/2016) and I’m taking Business admin (Accountancy) too!!

    Could I get some advice regarding majors and minors? I’m considering a minor in technopreneurship but there are 3 modules that are similiar to the accounting degree modules. does that mean I cannot have it as a minor?

    Do you have a minor/ second major of your own?


    1. Hey Frederick, welcome to NUS Business School! 🙂

      I’m not really sure how it actually works for the technopreneurship minor actually. Think you may have to write in to the school and see if they will be able to better advise you on that. I would think it should be ok to double-count the accounting modules but I think to confirm with the school will still be a better idea.

      I have not done a minor during my 4 years in school though. Had wanted to do a pharmaceutical science minor (completed only 1 of 6 modules) but had to give up when I transferred from biz admin to biz admin (accountancy) as I was not able to fit the other modules in my timetable.

      Sorry for not being able to help you. Hope everything goes well and have a great start in school! 🙂


      1. Well thanks anyway, Jiahui!
        Thanks for the well wishes too!
        I hope you do well and excel in your future endeavours too!
        Is it alright if I ask you other questions I might have in the future?


  9. Hi Jiahui,

    I happened to chance upon your blog and was wondering if you mind sharing your notes for ACC3606, ACC3615, ACC3613 and ACC3612? It will be of great help!

    Thank you!

  10. Hello there,
    Its really nice of you to share your notes with us juniors! 🙂
    I was wondering if you can share with me your DSC2008, BSP2001 and FIN2004 notes?
    My email is

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi!

      Apologies but I have already cleared my year 1 and 2 modules from my system. I only have with me the level 3k and 4k accounting modules left. I do not take DSC2008 as well.

      Sorry once again!

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  11. Hi Jianhui,
    I have been following your blog since my uni days (till now, when i am already working as an auditor) and recently i chanced upon your blog post on your career switch from tax in EY to accountant in SIA. It seems like you are enjoying yourself in your current job and I was thinking if you would be able to share more on your new job with me as i am contemplating on a change in job (including job scope) 🙂

  12. Hi Jiahui, i happened to chance upon your blog and found it really useful. I’m intending to pursue accountancy but still deciding between the 3 universities. Do you mind sharing more about your learning experience in NUS? Like how is the teaching style like? Is it mostly seminars or lecture/tutorials? Are there many opportunities for internships? I also understand that there is online learning, hope you can share more about that too. Are the lectures mostly recorded? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for reaching out to my blog. The learning experience in NUS is a good mix of lecture/ tutorials and seminars. In the first year and first half of the second year, I was doing my foundation modules which the BizAdmin students are doing as well so they are conducted in lecture styles with smaller tutorial classes. As you progress on to the accounting modules, the group is smaller, so they are held in seminar style.

      As for internships, the opportunities are there and it is up to you to see if you will want to take up them. In NUS Biz School, there is a Career Centre where you can actually subscribe to the portal to get updates on the internships/ job postings available that you can apply for. As for online learning, as I graduated in June 2014, which is coming close to 4 years, I am not able to comment how things have changed though. Back then, for lectures, some of them are recorded so you can do them outside of the lecture timings but you will still need to clock your attendance for the tutorials. As for seminars, they are never recorded. You may need to check with others on how the e-learning scene has developed over the past few years. There have been changes to the accounting curriculum since I graduated as well, so you may like to see if it suits you.

      Hope this helps!

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