Time flies… I’m 26th tomorrow


So today marks the last day I am 25… a brand new year begins tomorrow since I last landed on earth on 21 Sept 1989.

Time really flies… 25 years have passed. Completed my studies and have already stepped into the workplace for more than a year (and 2 months). Currently going through my 2nd peak period, which actually started way earlier than last year (like since I returned from my Taiwan trip) but it does not seem that we are making much progress also… oh man… another 2 months more before YA 2015 officially comes to an end although that also means the immediate start of YA 2016.

At least there are few things to look forward to this coming week despite the busy schedule that we all have. First of all being, as my batch-mates and I have all progressed (i.e. we up one grade from Associate 1 to Associate 2), there will be bonus for us and pay increment (with effect from October 2015, although many other friends in other Big 4 firm get their pay increment way back in July, right after their one-year mark) and we were told we will be getting our letter from our boss this coming week (before the bonus gets credited to our accounts). Secondly, a treat from the newly promoted managers and senior managers, as well as past promoted Ms and SMs on Wednesday night. Finally, it’s a public holiday on Thursday! 🙂

A birthday is just a birthday I must say, it’s just an annual milestone in everybody’s life. Everybody have different milestones set in their life. Seeing friends get engaged, some even married and have children already. I may be single still, but at least I’m happy. There may be times of ups and downs, especially during work, but I guess everyday is a day for us to learn, a milestone in my life.

And time really flies, September is coming to an end and before we know it, 2015 will come to an end and there comes 2016. 2015 is really an eventful year, following the SG50 celebrations and the September 11 General Elections which I must say the results are really surprising in my opinion.

Shall end off this post here. Hope everybody is having a good rest over this weekend. A new week begins tomorrow. May all of you stay happy and healthy! Here’s a song to all of you, by JJ Lin – 《你,有没有过》


and another one that I found while searching for the songs to go with the post… a cover of 突然好想你 by this guy 曾一军, his covers are really nice though. 🙂

Good night!

Lian Jiahui Cheyne