NUS AY 2013/2014 Semester 2 Results + Japan Grad Trip

The 7th and final time that I will be receiving results from NUS. As usual, the SMS came in slightly after 7am. 4 modules this semester but still carrying 20 modular credits due to the Field Service Project or FSP in short carrying double the weight. I sort of completed a bulk of this post beforehand as I am actually currently working part-time at Robinsons Expo GSS event but just so that today (Results Day) happened to be my Off-Day too… so well not so rush for me. Come down to Singapore Expo Hall 3 and find me at the Customer Service Counter if you are near there yah, I won’t be there on the 5th also, and the event ends on 8th June… haha 😀


Just slightly one more month to go before I officially start work at Ernst & Young Business Tax Services on 7th July. Looking forward to this new phase of life as I end this 16-year long education phase with a 2-year National Service before my university years. 4 years really, really passed just like that. Started my life in university in August 2010, saw Felicia Chin in my first few weeks of school which turned students like me into fans at that moment. Started to get busier when I successfully transferred from a Business Administration student to a Business Administration (Accountancy) undergraduate. Year 2-4 were all about doing accounting-related modules and doing internships in Big 4 firms. Not forgetting my almost 5 months spent on exchange at National Taiwan University, the friends I made there, the trips we had together, I will never ever forget them. Still looking towards going back to Taiwan to cover the places I have not been to, like the Eastern end as well as all the islands.


NUS Commencement for me falls on 10th July, 3 days after I start work on the 7th, which means that I will have to apply leave to attend this. Business School Commencement Dinner to come in the evening following the day’s 2 commencement ceremonies, split between business and accountancy graduates.

Came back from my 9D8N Japan Grad Trip last month and the trip was simply awesome. Travelled around the Kansai region, visiting the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. Views were great, people were nice too and although there was language barrier between the Japanese and me, but well, they seemed to understand us after sometime of actions here and there… haha 🙂 A short photo-collage from my trip, so there you go… I must say, what I had seen in Japan did not differ much from Taiwan and I must say that Taiwan, having been occupied by the Japanese during WW2, adopted some of these Japanese practices. The convenience stores, the subway stations, the bus stops, everything seemed so familiar as if I was in Taiwan, just that I do not understand 90% of the words at any time… haha 🙂

This semester, I only have one aim in mind: to graduate with a second upper honours. Having S/U-ed my last finance module, making me without an additional specialisation to graduate from, I have to make sure that I maintain or better it if not it will really be wasted. This thus means that all grades, on average has to be B+ and above, but I am actually hoping that for some modules, I will get a better grade than B+.

So, here’s the results for this final semester as well as the review that I’m doing for the final time for the modules that I have received grades for this semester.

ACC 4611 Advanced Taxation: A

The advanced version of ACC 3605 Taxation, taught by the same lecturer who gave me the jitters after attending the class 2 years ago. Thought the same thing will happen again, but no.  She was much better for the whole 12 weeks of classes that we had with her. The theme for this class was “Compassion”… haha although we all gave the “zoned-out” face every week, since class is from 8-11am every Friday morning, she was still very patient with us. Hahaha 😀

Learnt alot from this class from her, everything that will help me get ready when I start work on July 7th. Inbound to outbound, individuals to corporations. Tax planning with no fixed answer but all that we have to deliver for the client. Sort of like doing advisory work during this whole course which is really enriching because most likely we won’t get to do so in the first few years while at work although I do not know how it actually works… it’s for me to experience and learn while I’m there 🙂 One midterm, one final test, one tutorial presentation and one group project on Base Erosion & Profit Shifting… a challenging module to tackle with amidst all the blurry weeks we have had…

Totally surprised that I can get an A from this… still cannot believe it. Thought my group project would have pulled me down considering that my team is in the bottom half of the class in terms of our performance for the group project. Probably being the class rep for this class helps and also I must say, COMPASSION is the theme for the class! YAY! 🙂

ACC 4612A Seminars in Accounting – Internal Auditing: A

A build-on from ACC 3613 Advanced Audit, but only part of it on the internal audit portion. Similar things being taught, just slightly (i really mean slightly) more in-depth. Something that I feel that even without taking this module, just by doing the Advanced Audit module will even be enough to pass that module… hopefully… 😮

One group project on the major fraud cases in Singapore – Asia Pacific Breweries, Barings Singapore & Singapore Airlines, one individual presentation which I completed it first, one mid-term and one final test basically sums up how this module is assessed. Not sure how this module will be changed or if it will still exist in the coming AYs given the revamp in the accounting curriculum following the introduction of the Singapore QP.

Always thought that this was going to be a module that I will fluff my way through with some content and maybe not going to do so well, but the A still surprised me. Maybe the prof appreciate what I had done during my project presentation (haha… he gave me a pat on the back and said “Good Work” at the end of it”)…. Maybe I thought I wrote too little points but in fact they were enough… many “Maybe”s but oh well…. 

FSP 4003 Field Service Project (360 Breakthrough Awards): A

Experiential learning is what I will say for this module. Putting all that we have learnt throughout these 4 years into real-life application. Basically summed up my FSP experience in an earlier post – working with my 3 AG (aka Alumni Group) friends over these 7+months have been great and also the clients who are so cooperative.

I was banking an A for this and yes, we did it. To all my team-mates, Eileen, Celeste & Yoshi, thank you so much for being such wonderful friends to work with, our client Aria Technology who gave us their 无微不至的照顾 and lastly our Prof, who was touched by what we did to give us this grade! This 8MC module is seriously no joke, one wrong grade and it could turn the CAP the other way round.

GEK 1062 Bridging East & West – Exploring Chinese Communication: A

The best module I have ever taken in any university (NUS & Taiwan’s NTU during exchange), a module on Chinese communication, taught in Chinese but we do every other thing in English. No final examination, just need to attend lectures and write reflections after every guest lecture (we only wrote 7 for the 12 weeks of class that we had, week 13 was free!) which accounts for 50%, a final quiz which weighs 20% and 4 tutorials (comprising both individual components together with a group presentation) which constitute the remaining 30% of the final grade. 

Learning all the different forms of communication was really a wonderful thing for me. To be able to hear from the guest lecturers about what they do at times gave me the inspiration of jumping ship and pursuing what they are doing – like working in radio stations or translation, although I’m still having the dream of becoming a Chinese news anchor or reporter… daydreaming the time I can say “新传媒新闻记者 连家辉报道“… haha…

Tutorials were also fun through the topics that we were given… from how our names communicated, to CNY conversations, to advertising and translation works, they allowed us to have a new perspective of how Chinese played a part in all areas of life in Singapore. Am also very glad that I have a group of 4 other friends working together so cooperatively, apologise if I am naggy at times to get you all to do work… will never forget the fortnightly wednesday meeting-cum-lunch discussions before tutorial begins so we could finalise our work and get it ready for submission, the fun laughter and HTHT… thank you guys! 🙂

And yes, another module that I was hoping from the start that I will do well. So glad to have found this module during bidding round, I didn’t even know it existed until I saw so many people bidding for this and I decided maybe I should just “show hand” on this module…. hahaha OOPS. So glad that my effort paid off for this! 🙂

CAP for Sem 2, AY 2013/14:


Cumulative CAP for 8 semesters AKA the CAP that I’m graduating with:

4.15 – 2nd Class Honours (Upper)

A summary of the results can be found by clicking the following link, Y4S2 results.

A full-CAP semester to end off my university education. This is indeed good. Starting the first sem with the worst results ever received and ending off high, higher than the previous high point I have reached in Y2 Semester 1. 


Hope all of you did well for the semester too and graduate happily or go for your grad trip on a better and happier note too! No more trips for me in the next few weeks before starting work, unless I can ask for more incentives to travel…. hahaha 🙂

So with that, that pretty much sums up my 4 years in NUS Business School. Just need to wait for the commencement ceremony to take place (did I mention that I will already have started work by then?!) and it will formally be over. To all of you still studying, all the rest for your remaining years, treasure them while we can because by the time you graduate, it will be too late to do so.

Today is also 五月初五,端午节. Enjoy all the dumplings that you can get and may you 包中!

Stay Healthy, Study Smart, Party Hard. To end off this post, Say Something that you truly what you want yourself to hear. You know yourself best, so deliver your best song ever. All the best ! 😀

Lian Jiahui Cheyne


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  1. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us your module reviews and experiences at NUS! I am currently a year 1 going on year 2 student at NUS acc too, and I’m finding it so hard to do well 😦 Hopefully I’ll be able to get better each sem! All the best for the next phase of your life! 🙂

  2. Hi jiahui,
    I love how transparent you are with your results on this blog! It is certainly refreshing in the university scene whereby results are usually strictly confidential among students. Thank you for sharing all the great info!

    1. Hi Ted,

      Thanks alot for your support. I was thinking there’s nothing wrong with me sharing grades since they are already fixed and I cannot do anything about it anymore. To do module review, the grades will play a role in giving a good review too. Haha 🙂

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  3. Hi just read your module review on Gek1062 and is planning on trying that module. Just wanna ask, is the lecture reflections and final quiz all in written English? I am a bit worried that my written Chinese and Chinese in general might not be strong enough. Thank You in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Khaiqi,

      The lecture reflections and final quiz can be answered in both Chinese and English. I cannot remember whether the final quiz questions are set in English or Chinese.

      Not to worry, from what the course coordinator mentioned, so long your Chinese is CL’B’ and above, then everything should be fine. Listening skills should be there because some of the guest lecturers only deliver their lecture in Chinese.

      Hope this helps.

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

      1. Hi Jiahui, thanks for the prompt reply. It has been a long time since i took a Chinese subject as the last time i took it was in secondary school days and hence the hesitance.

        So, it is if fine if i write the reflections in English then. Also, can i ask if the readings will be in English and also if the tutorials will be conducted in English or Chinese? Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Anna, sorry for the late reply. Nope, there isn’t any reflection to write on the first week of class. As for notes, apologies but I have already clear all my elective modules notes since I graduated.



  4. Hi,
    May i ask to get an at least B+,roughly how much do i need to get?Since you mentioned that tutorial will be taught in chinese,is the chinese used understandable?Is the personal reflection tough,in your view?thanks.

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