Bedok West Primary School


My primary school, my alma mater.

Bedok West Primary School started off as Kaki Bukit Primary School and was renamed to its current name when it moved to its present location at 50 Bedok Reservoir Crescent in September 1984.


Entered this school for the start of my 16 years of formal education (not counting in the nursery and kindergarten years) in Singapore in 1996. Spent my first 6 years there until the end of 2001 when I graduated from the school after taking my PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) and moving towards secondary school education at Ngee Ann Secondary School. During those times, there were still a large number of students and as such, Primary 1 and 3 classes were in the afternoon while it was morning classes for other levels.

BWPS Compound

Many moments that I had during my primary school life… some of which being:-
– My leadership achievements started from Primary 3 when I was made a Prefect
– Had the opportunity to touch the flag when I was involved in the Flag Lowering at the end of everyday when I was in Primary 3
– Promoted to Assistant Head Prefect when I was in Primary 6
– Admitted into TAF Club (Trim & Fit Club) 😮 cos I was slightly overweight (actually I’m overweight now also… haiz 😦 )
– During the 6 years there, seen the transformation of the school. Demolition of the old general office and replaced with a new 3-storey building with the classes at the 3rd level of the building
– The same dentist stuck with us for the 6-years…. the dreaded moment when someone bring the dental card to my class looking for someone to go see the dentist…. OH NO!

BWPS School Song

The school song as above, simple as it can be but the thing that the school has passed on to us, the values taught, will always be ingrained in us. The school has the vision of developing students into passionate life-long learners with grace, integrity and creativity.

BWPS School Crest

After 30 years, Bedok West Primary will be history in 2015. This after the announcement that she will be merged together with the neighbour next to her, Damai Primary School. The new school will retain the name of Damai Primary and will be using Damai Primary’s compound. The merger, as per MOE (Ministry of Education), is to “optimise resources and to offer a wider range of educational programmes and co-curricular activities” and the “selection of sites took into account factors such as accessibility and whether the infrastructure can support the merged school”.

My primary school has seen declining student intake since I left after graduating in 2001. If I had not remembered wrongly, the school had managed to only open 1 or 2 Primary 1 classes a few years after 2001 (should be from 2004 or 2005) and had been that case since then. I had kind of expected it to be merged with Damai Primary since both schools had seen small student intakes too, with Damai Primary having more students than Bedok West Primary.

The only thing that I did not expect was that it will only be merged after so long, 14 years since I left the school. The school existed till the very final year of my 16 years of formal education, from Primary to Secondary to JC and University with 2 years of National Service before I commence my University education. It provided a perfect end, a wonderful full-stop to my education.

I will never ever forget this school even though it may not be one of the 100+ primary schools from next year onwards. The friendships forged will never be forgetten (although I have not caught up with my friends because of my busy schedule). To my friends I have made in BWPS, especially classmates of 1/6 (’96), 2/5 (’97), 3/5 (’98), 4/2 (’99), 5/1 (2000), 6/1 (2001), hope all of you are doing fine and doing well. 🙂

BWPS, thank you for giving me a great starting 6 years of my education, the many friends made and also the teachers who have taught me well! 🙂

Lian Jiahui Cheyne