NUS AY 2013/2014 Semester 1 Results + Bits of Brazil 2013

7th semester in NUS, 6th time receiving results since the 5th semester was spent in Taiwan.

5 days since I returned back from Brazil on Thursday afternoon. It has been an awesome trip with an awesome bunch. Lucky there weren’t any incidents that happened during the trip and we all came back safe and sound. Food was ok although I will really hope they can decrease their salt content by 1000%, they are seriously way too salty. Argh…. Made many visits to schools and companies, as well as touristy sites. Some pictures to keep you going and do read on for the actual content. 😀

Gotten the results at around 7am this morning via the deadly SMS, on Christmas Eve… Lucky I don’t really celebrate Christmas, if not it will be a party-pooper or 扫兴 as what we say in Chinese. I am already mentally prepared to get not so good results although I am hoping that it will be good to pull my Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.96 from the past 6 semesters to the above 4.0 range so that I can get 2nd Upper Honours when I graduate after next semester.

With only 10 modules left for the 2 semesters I have left, 2 of which will be used for the Field Service Project (FSP) spanning across 2 semesters, that leave me with 8 modules to deal with. Took 5 for the semester, which I thought will be ok since the bulk of FSP will occur in Semester 2. It turned out to be otherwise when I started FSP in November, just when the semester was ending and all the projects are due as well, see earlier posts to know more. 😀 Left with 3 next semester, alright, it’s also time I relax before I graduate.

Like always, nothing worse than a B- and I will be more than happy already. As mentioned earlier, I am hoping that my CAP can go above 4.0 for the remaining semesters so I graduate with a 2nd Upper Honours instead of a 2nd Lower. This means that for it to happen, of my remaining 10 modules, I will need to get B+ for 8 modules and 2 A- at the very least. Should I get something lower than a B+, a better grade will be required to compensate the lousier grade.

grade scale

It always intrigued me how I manage to come up with so much content on such posts. Hahaha 🙂 and it’s always such posts that manage to help garner such high viewerships from all of you. Alright, shall keep things short. 5 modules, 3 of which are the last of the 11 accounting modules that we all have to take, FINALLY! One level 4k accounting module as part of Honours requirement and one Finance module, the last one which I hope I won’t have to S/U it so I can complete my Finance specialisation before I graduate.

Results are in, so here’s the review of the modules taken for the semester, as well as taking a look at the grades.

ACC 3602 Management Planning & Control: A-

One of the remaining 3 accounting level 3k modules that I have to take to complete the whole accounting syllabus, 11 in total. This is by far, the module that I consider it to be the fluffiest of all although the prof wanted no “smoking” during the final exam. I have tried my best to do well for the other continual assessments, no idea what I have been writing for the final exam, trying to squeeze my brain juices very hard to fill in the content. I can only just pray that I do not get screwed very badly from the effects of the bell curve. Like what I had always wanted, probably a B+ will be good enough, I hope I am not asking too much from it, considering that I think I have done pretty alright for the other 50% of the assessment which included the group project (that me and my group mates went all out to make it really 80% energy, 20% content – even brought our props to class to act rather than to present), class quizzes and class participation.

Surprise surprise. Never thought an A- would come from this module but I am very happy to get this grade. 🙂

ACC 3604 Corporate & Securities Law: A-

I have enjoyed Biz Law back when I was in year 1. Corporate Law has been interesting too with Prof Julie Huan making the whole class very engaging and interesting and giving us all the advice. She may be strict but it is all for the better of us. Law is all about writing the correct stuff, presenting your arguments right at the right time, instead of just humtum-ming everything that we are taught about. The battle is on against the clock during the exams and so it is essential to put only the correct stuff in it. Performed fairly average, hopefully not below, in the midterms which happened on my birthday (21 Sept :D) Apart from that, it was just 2 class presentations, class participation and the final exam. Felt good after the final exam although after checking with my friends, there were some missing points here and there (as always). Just hoping the overall results would not turn out to be that bad as well, I really hope. Got an A for Biz Law, I don’t think I will be able to replicate the same results this time round, considering the smaller and much more clever bunch of people I’m competing with.

My efforts paid off eventually. At least what I felt during the final exam was actually good… hehe 🙂 lucky it wasn’t that worse as compared to the A grade that I have gotten when I was in year 1 for Business Law. That’s the end of the Law curriculum for us in Business School. It has really been a great time studying the Acts.

ACC 3614 Valuation: B

Dubbed to be the hardest module among the whole set of 11 level 3k accounting modules, I thought I will be able to do well at the start, since it is just valuation. NO MAN! OMG! This module really requires a lot of practice, unless your mind is fast enough to understand what the question is trying to ask for, you will never be able to complete the exams. Did below average for the midterms, finals did not turn out very well also, never studied one topic on Convertible Bonds and it cost me 1/5 of the paper. Just hoping that the group project will be able to pull my overall results up and the bell curve, as usual, don’t pull me down that much too. It is an interesting and very useful module to take, especially for us accountants, and those aspiring to be valuers in the future. Those in the finance industry will also find it useful, especially if they are going to be involved in valuing mergers & acquisitions. But to all interesting classes, the examinations will never be so.

B for this module is kind of expected, knowing that I screwed up 20% of the final exam. I guess only me and a few other friends did not study for that section and the rest ALL did, which pushed us to the other end of the bell curve. Haiz…. what to do…. complacency lor. I get what I deserve.

ACC 5001 Business Analysis & Valuation: A-

One of 3 modules that we need to do to fulfill the honours requirement apart from the FSP. This module has been pretty chill since the start of the semester. The main bulk of the assessment coming from the individual and group projects which have weights of 30% each. The class being small, a size of only 24, I have no idea if there will actually be bell curve on it or not but I just hope my efforts put in will bring me my desired results as well. Not too sure if the prof, a visiting fellow from Australia, was expecting what I had done.

I’m glad with the results. Effort and grade complement each other. So nothing much to say. I doubt this module will ever come into existence in the future anytime soon unless he decides to come back to Singapore once again. It was a great learning experience with this small class. 🙂

FIN 3103B Financial Markets: B-

The last module to complete my finance specialisation, having already completed 5 when I was on exchange in Taiwan. A fairly mixed module, with both quantitative and qualitative portion. Did quite badly for the 40% weighted Midterm exams, I’m really hoping that the group project and the final quiz will be able to help me to secure at least a B+ so I do not have to S/U it. Was really considering of doing so, especially if it pull down my CAP overall and is the sole determining factor that is stopping me from getting my 2nd Upper Honours.

Knew this was going to happen. Bad midterms, a final quiz which the whole class gets full mark and stuff –> I’m still on the left of the bell-curve…. Haiz…. Why is it that I always kena a B- every semester in NUS one… Aiyoyo

CAP for Sem 1, AY 2013/14: 4.00 (once again, my 3 A- just enough compensates the B & B- :'()  

Cumulative CAP for 7 semesters: 3.97 (improvement by 0.01) 

A summary of the results can be found by clicking here.

Current CAP stands at 3.97. Me being in the last batch of students that are still able to S/U business modules apart from those in our major (which for me is accounting), I am and will most likely S/U the B- from the finance module away. (Should you have clicked the link above) My CAP would be increased to 4.00 flat (just nice surpassing the 2nd Upper border) and the final number would be dependent on my final semester 20 MCs grades. This also means that for the final semester, I should not slack and should do well enough to secure an average B+ for all modules. One more S/U to use for my breadth module, so that basically means to work hard for the 16 MCs modules (8 for FSP and the remaining 8 for the 2 level 4k modules).

Having decided to S/U my finance module away, I will not be doing any finance specialisation anymore. Hence, NO MORE RESTRICTIONS ON WHAT 4K modules THAT I WANNA DO! YAY! 😀

Alright, this is it. 7th semester in NUS is locked in. One more semester to go, 3 more modules plus 1 never-ending FSP. oh gosh! 😥

It’s Christmas Eve today… whether results are good or bad, just go and have fun celebrating. Here’s some Xmas songs to get you going for the holidays! 🙂 From the recently concluded X Factor Season 3 Finale, as well as some highlights. 🙂 AND! One of the judges, Paulina Rubio, can really sing! I will say she is definitely the best female singer I have seen this season!

That’s all for now. Enjoy the remaining of the holidays and see you guys back in school on Jan 13th. To my friends who have graduated from this recent semester, I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and may you be presented with great opportunities at work.

Lian Jiahui Cheyne


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