EY HC Internship – The End

Everything always come to an end.

Officially ended my 12 weeks of official, non-compulsory internship at EY’s Human Capital department.

A round-up of what that has happened so far in numbers:

1 internship
12 weeks
38 taxi claims
58 working days (1 day public holiday. 1 day leave)
286.5 OT hours

Don’t be shocked by the large number of OT hours. The department was at its peak during my internship, so I was doing my best to help them.

Many thanks to all the managers and all the staff in the engagement teams I have worked for. Hopefully I did not greatly disappoint any of you although there were also slip-ups here and there. Very grateful for the many encouragements that you have given and the advice for future careers.

Thanks to the many of you who have actually pooled in and bought me a wallet which I would never have, in my entire life, thought of owning one.

12 weeks ended just like that. Will definitely need some time to tune my body back to off-work mode. No more free MRT train rides in the morning since it started on 24th June, missing out on 3 occasions during the last week ‘cos I was just too tired to get up early just to get my free ride. Sleep was more important at that time.

1 week of rest before school starts. 2nd last semester of study. Chiong for 2 more semesters, my 16 years of formal education will soon come to an end. Once that happens, I will soon be embarking on my career at EY Corporate Tax, the place where I interned at last year.

Will never the friendships forged with all my colleagues at HC, the all sort of experience (doing tax comps, admin, file sortings) that I have gotten from HC. Will come up and visit you guys when I’m back next July! 🙂

Lian Jiahui Cheyne