1st week of school

I think this should be one of the very few posts to be done up so early in the morning….

Nothing to do on this Saturday morning… lucky there’s no school today or else I will feel very sian-ed.

Typhoon Sanba has formed and although it did not hit Taiwan directly, the radius of the wind actually cuts through Taiwan. And as Taiwan turn towards the autumn season yesterday (Friday 14th Sept), there was also the presence of monsoon winds. The monsoon and typhoon winds combined together resulted in rains LASHING across northern and north-eastern Taiwan. So it has been pouring since yesterday morning. Not sure if it rained while I was sleeping a few hours ago, but it is doing so now. Force of the rain is so great and the wind is so strong oso. I guess no matter how big an umbrella you have, one side of your body will definitely be wet.

1 week of school has passed. the term is 18 weeks long, so another 17 weeks for me. but cos i’m staying for an extra 6 day, so i will count it as a week and make it 18. OMG! still got 18 weeks… that’s freaking long lah. i can only say after 17 Sept, there’s like 4 months more before I can go home… BUAY TA-HAN already lah… but at least the feeling of missing home is not that strong compared to last week. At least I have work to keep myself occupied now. 🙂

So… I managed to get all my 6 modules that I have wanted to take over here. Was only allocated 2 before I flew to Taiwan during Stage 1 of selection. Didn’t get any during Stage 2 and so I had to wait for school to start before I can add/drop. here’s my finalised timetable for the semester:


doesn’t it look very chill…. or maybe because they are all 3-hr sectionals that’s why. in NUS, whenever lessons are in lecture/tutorial styles, the timetable will look very packed. for accounting, they are in 2X2hrs style also, hence the packness in timetable. any person in NUS taking the equivalent of the modules i’m taking now should also only have 18hrs of lessons a week. haha 🙂

6 modules…. here’s how the lessons are like:

– Strategic Management (BSP 3001 equivalent) – English readings, taught in Chinese, exam in English
– Options and Futures (FIN 3116 equivalent) – English readings, English lecture notes, taught in Chinese, exam in English
– Investments (FIN 3102 equivalent) – Everything in English (including the conducting of lecture)… this is the only class where you will see caucasians 🙂
– Insurance (FIN 3119 equivalent) – Everything in Chinese (including exams)… the prof actually wanted me to write in traditional chinese whenever possible… i will try my best to master some words… but seriously no guarantee.
– Money and Banking (FIN 3117 equivalent) – Textbook and lecture conducted in Chinese, exam in Chinese… but the prof allowed me to write in English. i don’t think i will cos I will be too lazy to find the translated meaning as well and it will be disastrous if I translate wrongly.
– Corporate Finance (FIN 3101 equivalent) – Textbook and lecture notes in English, taught in Chinese, exam in English.

added my strategic management class in a very special way. my close friends who are on facebook should have known this by now. as the class was meant for year 4 students and me being a year 3 in NUS, the prof didn’t wanted to let me add the module. i pleaded with her telling her that i have fulfilled all the requirements, that was to complete all the other years of core foundation modules before doing that and strategic management was my final core module that i have to take as well… and because there was limited vacancies, i was so nervous if i could manage to get that last few vacancies. she deliberated for a while, came over to my place and ask me if i know how to speak Tai-yu (fairly similar to Hokkien though there are differences)… I told her in Hokkien, “Wah eh hiao gong, wah ma-si eh hiao tia” which means “I know how to speak, I also know how to listen”. With that, she was satisfied and granted me the permission to add the module. after all, i’m just an exchange student, i’m just amazed that there are just so many different styles among the professors. some just welcome everybody and anybody to add, but for strategic management, i almost fainted. lucky i got the module.

oh well, so there you go… one complete English modules, two complete Chinese modules, three half-half modules… definitely need to work hard this semester, i do not want to fail any of these and see a U grade reflected in my NUS transcript… omg… it will be super ugly to the max, and it will also mean that I will have to overload with 6 modules in NUS for the last 3 semesters. I’m overloading now with the hope that I can still do my normal 5 modules in NUS when I return.

hopefully everything is going well in singapore. i have been walking to school everyday, except for my friday class when i have to take the shuttle to another campus for my corporate finance class… haha. managed to keep up with my exercise schedule too… every wednesday, my free day, i will just run from my dorm, across school, to the other dorm, then to the riverside park where i will go and do my pull-ups. can feel my strength dropping. not sure if i’m eating too little or what… (i can actually sense it cos one of the pants that i wear has always been quite fitting, but the last time i wear it this week, it was quite loose… wonder if i lost weight or isit due to the washing when i dump them in the washing machine)

today is already 15th September. half-way mark for the month is here. i will not say it’s fast or slow. to my friends in SG studying now, they will definitely say it’s fast cos it’s reaching half-way soon for the semester and deadlines are also tight. to me, i will say it’s slow. cos there’s still so long before i can go home. i miss home, i miss my bed. i miss my mum’s cooked food. i miss watching sg shows. i miss dragonboat. so many things i am missing while in taiwan. no doubt the experience here has been pretty good, but i just can’t help myself thinking of everything in sg.

i don’t know… maybe as a future accountant-to-be, i tend to very picky about my expenses. i’m always trying to tell myself not to overspent, cos money not easy to earn. especially just four days ago, when i spent SGD 118 just to buy 3 textbooks and i know i’m going to use them for one semester only… omg.

oh well… money must be spent on the essentials, the needs not the wants. what i need now is a blanket, as the weather turn colder, i definitely need something to keep myself warm when i’m asleep. argh.

ok… that’s all for now. shall not bomb all of you, readers, with such a long post during the weekend. Enjoy the weekend. hopefully the weather in singapore is good. it’s not over here in taiwan… haiz. wonder how long this will last. the rain will stop, but the cold weather will definitely be here until i leave this country. omg.

kk… take care yah! 🙂

Lian Jiahui Cheyne


6 thoughts on “1st week of school

  1. Hi Jiahui! I am interested to know about the exchange in NTU! After reading the modules you have posted here, does that mean you clear all your specialisation modules for Finance in NTU? That was so awesome!!

    1. Hey… what would you like to know about exchange at NTU? Haha… nope I only managed to clear 5 of 6 modules for the specialization. I cleared the last one jus during the recent semester but because the grade wasn’t good, I was in the last batch that can s/u biz modules so I s/u it and no more specialization for me.

      1. I see that you took most of the finance modules overseas. Will that be advisable? Did you find yourself learn lesser than your friends who took the finance modules here in nus?

        What are the fin modules should be mapped?

      2. Hey, it all depends on what you would like to map overseas. As I am from Accounting, we are not allowed to map ACC 3k modules and when I left for exchange in Y3 Sem 1, I have already cleared all the foundation modules and I am only left with BSP 3001 plus the unrestricted electives. I thought if I am going overseas, I might as well do a finance specialisation there since NTU allows me to map most of the modules there.

        The content, which is required by NUS before it can be mapped over, are largely similar. In NUS, half of the semester is spent on learning theories and the other half on applications. While on exchange, I mostly learnt the theories. For some other modules, like Insurance, it is localised content that I learnt, as in I learnt stuff related/ relevant to Taiwan and not Singapore.

        I mapped FIN 3101/3102/3116 Options & Futures/ 3117 Bank Management/ 3119 Risk & Insurance. The modules that should be mapped is dependent on whether the exchange university has it and whether NUS Business School allow you to map back.

        Hope this helps.


      3. Thanks for the advice!

        I am planning to go for exchange in Y3S1 too, with the intention of specialising in Fin too. I am not too sure if mapping the fin mods over would be advisable. I am intending to to Germany for my exchange. Will I be able to map all the modules like yours (i.e. overloading in a sem) over?

        How many modules are required for specialisation? Can unrestricted electives used for specialisation?

      4. Haha it all depends on what you would like to map over for exchange. Whether to map those modules that you feel if you do in NUS could pull do your CAP could be one decisive factor. Whether you just want to have a sense of specialisation modules but just want it SU could be a reason too.

        Whether you can map the modules over depends on the exchange university too. If I’m not wrong there is a exchange modules master list available for you to check if you can map the modules over. 6 modules are required for specialisation. I suppose you are accounting student, so there’s only 5 unrestricted electives, which means if your specialisation is completed, you would have done 4 extra MCs required for graduation.

        Hope this helps. 🙂 jiahui

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