Summer Internships 2012

alright… so it’s the recess week now for NUS. NTU’s and SMU’s only come next week.

time passes so fast, half a semester is gone, and before we know it, it’s time for the Finals… OMG! seriously this semester is crazy, with all the super packed modules and especially all requiring us to read one stack worth of readings so as to get ready for class. Don’t even have any extra time to do things I wanna do, like watch movies…. the last time i watched was on the Friday before CNY, when I know that I will be going to National Taiwan University for exchange… 😀

my mind is filled with TO-DOs at Taiwan, but not the TO-DOs for this semester which the latter is definitely more urgent than the former…

but anyways… haha 🙂 this post is about internship and all the applications i have made. not trying to say i’m kiasu, but well, just need to apply to all to increase your chances right… haha… below’s a pic of the internship applications i have made this year.

you will see that there’s 13. but only the 1st 12 are accounting related, to be used to fulfill my compulsory accounting internship, which all accounting undergraduates across all 3 local universities are required to fulfill (i suppose). rejected one of them which was offered to me without interview cos i thought that the learning opportunities there was little, and i do not want to limit myself to an accountant job. thought i should go try out as an auditor or a tax consultant during my internship.

so the nett total is effectively 11, based on the diagram above. but none of the got back to me. they may have said “CV received” but i really don’t know what’s the latest status. not sure if they update it though… haha 🙂 no interview, nothing… hmm…

Big 4 Accounting Firms

i have also applied for the big4 internships, so that made it a total of 15. of the 4, i applied for pwc and deloitte’s audit dept and kpmg and ernst& young’s tax dept. so here’s how it is going as of now (this time when i’m typing this post)

  • PWC: phail. nobody got back to me… i had to sit infront of a computer to finish up the application at one go, no saving allowed… 😦
  • KPMG: hardcopy submission… went to stage 2 which was the online tests. did it at 11pm last wednesday… and it was seriously no joke lah… when u r tired and have to complete all the math and english questions… today was stage 3, the phone interview. everything went quite well, the interviewer seemed happy on the phone… and told me this was the supposedly last round of selection and i will be notified by school by 1st week of march if i’m shortlisted to intern there. this one maybe got chance 🙂
  • Ernst & Young: online application. went for interview last tuesday at their office, it was awesome! had a good interview, or i would say, chat with the tax partner… really hoping that I will be able to get the EY Internship… i will know of the outcome anytime from this Friday to end of the month. Praying hard that I will be able to get this… 🙂
  • Deloitte: online application, similar to EY which i can save whenever i want to. Went for interview on Monday… screwed it up entirely. Midway into the interview, she said that I was a frank and open (and blunt) person. didn’t realised what i had done wrong, only until i reached home after the interview. I had actually, during my explanation to her on my choice of departments to intern across Big 4, indirectly ranked Deloitte as No.4 out of 4. so i guess, chances for an audit internship at deloitte seems minimal for now, if not maybe even no chance… haiz…

hmm… so yah that’s about it. nothing much to add, what i can do now is just wait for the news to come in, hopefully let it be a good one… so nervous… worse than waiting for any of the national results, and even the university exam results.

back to my books for now… many stuff on hand to clear, project meetings tomorrow… need to do preparatory work as well.

Happy Wednesday to all! Take care! 🙂

Lian Jiahui Cheyne


8 thoughts on “Summer Internships 2012

    1. Hi Grace,

      thanks for reading my blog! 🙂 haha… 🙂

      but anyway, just some info to let you know more about Accountancy. I guess you know what’s the entry requirements right, based on A Level Results. Are you a current student in NUS or waiting for results today?

      So basically coming to Acct, there’s not much diff. In terms of workload, it’s 40modules for Honours student and 30 for Non-honours.

      of the 40 mods = 160 MC,
      4 (16MC) goes to University level requirement
      15 (60MC) goes to Foundation Modules (which all BBA students take as well)
      6 (24MC) goes to Compulsory Acctg Mods
      5 (20MC) goes to the unrestricted Compulsory Acctg Electives (means even though it’s unrestricted, but it all goes to acctg mods that you have to take, no choice!)

      so with that, that makes it 30 mods. and if you do not intend to take honours, you can graduate by then.

      then if you are moving on to honours, 2 modules worth will go to the Field Study Project/ Consulting Practicum, 3 modules worth will go to the Honours Dissertation (aka Thesis) or equivalent of 3 Level 4000 modules, and the remaining 5 modules will be unrestricted electives (you can choose to take anything over here). 🙂

      so yah, that’s basically the curriculum outline for Acct.

      Apart from curriculum, all acct students are required to do a compulsory minimum 8 weeks accounting/finance related internship before one can graduate. (it’s a graduating requirement).

      basically life will become quite hectic from Year 2 Semester 1 or 2 onwards depending on how you are being allocated modules. Oh yah, for acct students, you only bid for the 4 University Level Requirement mods and your UEs, the rest will be allocated to you by Biz Office. so most of the time, can forget about planning for 3-day or even 4-day week.

      notice that, in the breakdown of the curriculum, 11 modules are accounting modules. You will do 3 of them in Year 2 (either Semester 1/2, 3 at one go), another 3 in Year 3 Semester 1, and the final 5 in Year 3 Semester 2. So if you are going exchange, the sequence may change, but the school advises you to go in Year 3 Sem 1, as 2 of the modules are only offered in Y3 Sem 2.


  1. Hi jiahui, I got an interview with Deloitte and Ernst & Young for an internship and I saw your blog post. Can I ask you a few questions?

    What did they ask during the interviews? Are there any written tests in addition to the interview?

    I am really hoping that I can get in. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hey Jean,

      congrats on reaching the interview stage. 🙂 Both Deloitte and EY has a written test. Deloitte one, according to what I had last summer, was about what I look out for in a job, to give 3 reasons and rank and explain. As for EY, it was a situational writing question, asked me to gather support for something you are in charge of and that you are just a new staff in the company. 🙂

      as for the actual interview, deloitte’s one was done by the HR manager, so they will ask HR stuff like why Deloitte, why the department you want to work in, what experiences, most of it in your resume. for my EY interview, it was the tax partner who interviewed me, she just asked me some stuff in the resume, then asked me if i have any questions. so i asked her about what tax does, and then she just share with me everything. it was more of an informative session during the EY interview… anyway, just get ready some questions that you will want to ask lor…

      all the best to you yah! 🙂

  2. Hi! So glad to come across your blog. I am applying for graduate position in KPMG Assurance. I am wondering whether the online test would be similar for internship application. Would you care giving me some tips on these online test, and any other stages. Many thanks.

    1. Hello Trang! 🙂

      I’m not sure how the online test is like for KPMG as i did not apply there for graduate positions. Not sure if it is the same as that during internship application. For online tests, which i only took once… is that to be focused at all times. Time passes very quickly during the tests and do not spend too long on a single question.

      All the best for your job application! 🙂

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