NUS AY 2011/2012 Semester 1 Results

Today’s the day all students in NUS will be waiting for (maybe not all, or maybe even none)…. well, it’s the release of the results for Semester 1, AY 2011/2012. the 3rd time I am receiving this results, 1st time i received it while on part-time work. 2nd time i was unemployed, and now as an intern.

Got my results via the PushSMS system at 7.10am, as people will be woken up by it, I’m not. I was awake since 6am ‘cos I need to get ready for work and also fear that the train may just break down anytime soon. but the night before was bad… couldn’t sleep. I was thinking whether I will do well or bad, and how my CAP will be affected by it. Thought the sms will come in at 7am before I left home, but it was not there yet. The sound rang only when I was walking to the bus stop.

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, my target set for my results this sem is straight Bs for all 5 mods. this will make my CAP for this sem as 3.5 and my cumulative cap will be 3.75, down from last sem’s 3.89. well, here are my actual results. click on the link below to see if you want to… i shall not post it openly… changed some of the post design arh… haha 🙂

Results for Semester 1, AY 2011/2012

okay. the CAP is a cumulative one, over the last 3 semesters. the CAP that i have achieved for this sem is 4.3. quite happy with the results, given that the final exams for my last 3 modules weren’t really well. and then i was just praying hard for the one that was entirely based on continual assessment, to at least meet with my lowest expectation of B and my hope of B+. Finally managed to climb up to the 2nd Upper Honours range, it’s time i start doing well for my other modules from next semester onwards to maintain it.

now moving on to the review of the results for each individual module… well, you can see it as a module review if you are going to take it anytime soon, or else you can also see it as just my reflections of the modules. 🙂

ACC 1006 Accounting Information Systems : B+

this is the only module which I did not do anything to it until reading week. time was basically spent on other modules and on the project for this module. when we were informed by the prof that this sem is going to be a chillax module, as compared to my friends who complained for all the past few semesters, it was a relief for me. 46 students in this cohort, no bell-curve i suppose, so everything will be based on our own results. the project was fun as we actually played with an accounting software, MYOB. doing all the accounts, financial statements gave me the sense of achievement. haha 🙂 the module was split into 2 parts, the accounting part and the management info system (MIS) part. the latter was a theory part, so kinda boring, but not as bad as compared to other modules.

exam was a open ended case for the accounting portion and 50MCQs for the MIS portion. cheatsheet of 2 pages was allowed. that was when i started revising, when i was doing the cheatsheet. and it was a good revision for me. the exam was ok, and i forgot that there was negative marking for the MCQs, so i attempted all of them even though there were some I was not sure of. i think that caused my grade to be like this. but well, overall, it’s a good module, and like my accountancy friends told me, this is important for my advanced modules next semester onwards.

BSP 2001 Macro & International Economics: A-

well, it’s part 2 of economics. took managerial econs, which was on microecons, in year1, and gave me bad results because of the final exam. now moving on to macro. nice module, many technical stuff to learnt, the prof was my friend’s dad. got a good grade for midterm, so was hoping i can do well too overall. the content became harder as we covered short run to medium run to long run, and then many other stuff before coming to international trade. the exam turned out to be a horrible one as it was a “guessing” paper. one could know the stuff well, but if you are not able to apply, guessing is the only option. i’m not saying i know everything, but i guessed whenever i’m uncertain… haha 🙂 happy with the results for the module, so YAY! at least the “B curse” for economics paper did not happen to me again.

ACC 2002 Managerial Accounting: A+

i have always wanted and make sure that i do well for my accounting modules. so i put in alot of effort to revise all my weaker topics, and i thought that my weaker topics will come out for exam and my tutor, who was also my prof, stressed the importance of those topics as well. but! the exam was a complete opposite. those i practised hard enough did not come out, only the easier ones, and the worst thing was, i forgot how to do one question which was exactly or maybe closely similar to one of my past tutorial questions. but surprisingly, the results turned out to be better than expected. shall not ask too much, less i get more 闲言闲语.

FIN 2004 Finance: A-

I told myself that i must do well for this module, as it will be a stepping stone to my finance specialisation. i’m dropping my pharmsci minor, and will be doing finance instead, more relevant to what i’m doing now as well. the module is good in a way that you are always revising for it, given the 3 quizzes that were spread throughout the term. this hence prevented a rushing revision for all of us. the exam was ok, but i knew i made a fatal calculation error for one of the questions, i’m only hoping that there will be some error carried forward marks given. my initial expectation for the final grade was what i had stated earlier, B. i cannot expect it to go any lower than that, it will really be disappointing. so luckily, it didn’t and maybe there really were such marks given to me to pull me up. thanks to the prof and my very good tutor who never fails to provide us anything that everything that will better our understanding for all the topics.

MNO 2007 Leadership & Ethics: B

nothing much to say about this module. largely project based which took up really a large part of my time, and given the fact that i do not like to read books, it used up more of my free time and also time for other modules. haiz… no final exam, only individual assignments which i got an A-, midterm test which i got a B- and a project which my group helped me achieved an A-. the deciding factor was the class participation score and given that my tutor mistook me as my group mate for several instances during class, i’m just praying the effects of the bell curve will not be so great and at least still give me a B+ overall. content taught pretty much similar to MNO 1001 Management & Organisation. i was wrong, only managed a grade that I least expected, but well, it’s still better than having a grade lower than it.

alright, there you go. you know my results. do let me know yours if you are ok to tell me 🙂

i guess if one were to be sad, one day would be enough. we still have to live on with life, so look towards the future. there are still many semesters to go, we can still work hard and do well! don’t give up kk… !

here’s a song to calm all of you down if you are too happy or not that happy with your results. enjoy and once again a merry christmas to all.

signing off,
Lian Jiahui Cheyne


76 thoughts on “NUS AY 2011/2012 Semester 1 Results

  1. Hey, I read your review on Accounting Information System(ACC1006) on module review. I am currently taking ACC1006 and I find it very time consuming to create all those vouchers. Cause for the module now, we were not given any accounting software to use to generate the voucher

    Hence, I am wondering do you still have your past project for ACC1006? Could you email them to me?

    Your help is kindly appreciated 🙂


    1. Hey Aaron,

      i suppose you can download the software and play around by yourself. For my project, because we were expected to close the financial year, so you can only see and not do anything to it, including the creation of any vouchers or delivery notes or GRN and stuff. And also, for my project, we were only required to submit the different financial statements. All the sales voucher, purchase order forms and goods receive notes were not required by the lecturer (I had a different lecturer from all the previous batches and your batch too). I understand how you feel for AIS. Prof Tan’s project is really time-consuming.


      1. Hey Jiahui,

        Thanks for the reply. Your project is totally different from mine. Cause we got to create journal vouchers, payroll register etc. Thus it is really time consuming. And we still need to ensure that proper controls are in place.


  2. Hey Aaron,

    yup. Can understand how you feel regarding the project. AIS last sem happened to be taught by another professor as Prof Tan had something on, and the professor told us we do not need to do something so complicated, so gave us something that we can finish in a week actually.

    All the best to you! 😉


  3. Hey jiahui!

    I’ve been following your reviews on NUS modules recently. I intend to take DSC2006 and FIN2004 in the future, do you have any notes/past year papers on these two modules? Do you mind sending them to me as I cant seem to find them online. Thanks alot 😀 My email is

    best regards,

    1. Hey John, no problem. But i suppose when you take them, the notes and past year papers may be different. I would recommend that you use them as reference to decide if you wanna take this course and not use these as a form of practice. I don’t think you can find any of this online actually? which faculty you from?

  4. Hello jiahui!

    Was reading about ur module reviews about your yr2sem1 mods. I am actually going to be taking the same modules as you with the exception of AIS since i am not an accounting student. I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to send me exam papers and resources (any form) that u have on the 4mods?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!! My email is

    Last but not least, enjoy taiwan!!


  5. Hi Jiahui,

    I’m currently in yr 2 sem 1 and I’ve been “stalking” ur page since yr 1 sem 1:D basically because of the helpful info for Biz modules. I’m taking MNO2007 this sem and I’m facing the Learning Journal which will be due in 1 week. I have not done anything on it and I’m clueless where to start also…
    I know it sounds so weird when you hear this from a stranger, but is it possible if I can have a look at your Journal as a reference? Cause I never did a journal before and I’m quite lost. If not possible, can I ask for your help on the guidelines?
    My email is Thanks a lot for your help and I really hope to receive your reply.

    Best regards.

    1. Hello… thanks for visiting my blog. haha 🙂

      I’m not sure if the requirements are still the same for the learning journals, but i suppose it should still be the same since it is conducted by Dr William Koh.

      I have sent it to your email already. Hopefully it will be of some help on the possible way to write… don’t follow mine arh, unless you wanna get a B for it. haha 🙂 All the best to you for this and all your finals for all your modules too! 🙂


  6. Hi Jiahui,

    I am currently taking DSC2006 module and could not find any past year exam papers online. Based on past comments, do you happen to have these papers? If so could you kindly send it to me? My email is

    Best Regards
    Zhi Yong

  7. Hi Jiahui! Your blog is the top on google search results!
    If I may ask, could you also send me [] the past years’ papers please? It’d help a bunch! Thanks!

    1. Hey Ryan,

      seriously? haha…. cos I think I am the only one who will post such chui results online… Anyway, what paper do you need? Isit DSC2006, Operations Management too?


  8. hi Cheyne,
    I am a BAC student in year 1, I will be taking this MNO2007 module in the coming sem, do you mind sending me your material regarding this module?
    I stalking through all your nus sem results , i think you are doing pretty well leh. Maybe because i am also a BAC student so i can feel the pain when studying for all these mods. haha!


    1. Hello Xavier,
      hope sem 1 has been good for you. 🙂 wow… it’s going to be year 1 sem 2 this coming semester right? and you are doing mno 2007… that’s fast, normally it will be for year 2 onwards. cos as an accounting student, i think you will have quite a number of modules to do already right… or are you planning to put some of the year 1 modules for exchange?

      as for my results, no lah… there are even better ones. just that i’m more open to show my cui results to the world… haha 🙂 i’m not a theory person, more of the math person, but having transferred to BAC from BBA since year 2, i realised more of the BAC modules are going to be more of written than calculation questions. well, that’s my thought, not sure if it is really true.

      alright, i will send the stuff for mno 2007 to your email account. not much stuff actually, just lecture notes and tutorials. all the best for your coming semester. jiayou! 🙂

      still in Taipei, Taiwan

    1. Hey Hui Ling,

      The notes that I have for tax are the same as yours since we are all taught by the same prof. Also it wun be good to depend on my notes ‘cos tax rules are always changing… and the notes u have will be the most updated as well.

      No practice papers for tax eh, she didn’t give us any. All I will say is that depends on the tax workbook… the questions inside will let you catch up with the content arh… dun depend too much on old stuff cos e rules are changing… especially PIC arh… haha

      All the best to you.

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  9. Hello Cheyne!

    Reading your posts have been really inspiring; I feel so happy for your steady improvement over the past few sems! I’m currently having my finals for Y1 Sem2, which is the same basket as what you took in Y1 Sem2 as well. I’ll be so happy if I could get the grades that you got…

    Btw, from what I inferred above, it seems that you have past year papers for DSC2006 (ops mgmt), if it is not too troublesome, could you send them to me? My email is 😀 Truth be told my finals are in 2 days :/ Just wanted to know what to expect xD

    Thanks a ton man 😀

    – Choon Ting

    1. Hey choon ting,

      Thanks…. not very well also actually. You are taking under prof lucy chen right… the past year papers are the old syllabus kind… which I reckon will not do much help cos her oaper is very different. The finals when I took was in nowhere similar to what was done.just have to make sure that you get your facts well can already. Sorry but I am also busy with my papers this coming week, still have 4 of them left. Quite busy actually. Sorry about it.


      1. Hey Cheyne,

        I just took my paper haha, it was quite tricky but not as impossible as I anticipated it to be… It’s alright, don’t worry about it and all the best for your remaining papers! 🙂

        -Choon Ting

      2. Hey Choon Ting,

        glad that it turned out well. My cohort when we took the exam came out of the exam hall cursing and swearing ‘cos it was her first paper and it was just so different from past papers that we have gotten hold of. All the best for your remaining papers too if you have any, if not then enjoy your holidays! 🙂


  10. Hi Jiahui,

    I am a BBA student who stumbled apon your blog while trying to find reviews on modules. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for posting in such great detail about your experiences with the modules. Your reviews help give students a better picture of what awaits in the coming semesters.

    Also, I feel really inspired reading about how you’ve managed to pull your CAP higher with each semester and hoping to pull off the same feat 🙂

    As such, I was wondering if you’d mind sending me materials you have regarding ACC2002, FIN2004, MNO2007 and BSP2001? Could you email the materials to me or add me to a drop box or something? I would be extremely grateful!

    Thank you so much & have a great summer 😀

    1. Hey… thanks alot for your support.

      I will try to add you in to dropbox for some of the modules that I have… for those that I don’t, I will email you most likely on another occasion. As I am doing my internship now and may work late some of the days, I may not have the time to send you the stuff cos I have already transferred all of the past semesters’ stuff to my hard disk already.

      Regards, Jiahui

  11. Hi. I am going a BBA year 1 student this Aug. Can you suggest the modules that I should take in semester 1? I had did some research through internet, but I am still confused. Thank you so much (:

    1. Heyo… welcome to NUS Biz Sch 🙂 for 1st year students… normally the business modules will be allocated to you rather than we bidding on our own. Most of us will do 5 mods every sem, the sch will allocate 4 each for the 1st 2 sems. So the 5th module that you may want to do for the semester could be those to fulfill the university level requirements (ULRs) such as the general education mods (GEMs), breadth mods or Singapore Studies (SS) mods.

      Hope this helps for now. Do let me know if you have further queries. I will try my best to help you in this.

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

      1. Hi again. I wanna ask about the module that we need to bid to fulfill URLs. As I am interested in Korean language, can I bid for Korean 1(LAK1201) ? Or the module should be some other academic module like mathematics and so on?

        And the business modules that will be allocated, do we need to apply them to on the day we bid for modules in Round 1C? Or these modules will be automatically registered to us?Oh..can I ask what is Tutorial Balloting?

        Sorry if I asked too many questions and annoyed you :(. When it comes to modules, I was like a lost kid at the mall I have no idea what to do. And then I came across your blog. Your reviews and your experiences with the modules really help a lot. Thank You !!! 😀

      2. Hi, I suppose korean 1 would fulfill as a breadth, which is part of the ULRs that you would need to complete. It doesn’t have to be academic modules or anything.

        As for business modules, I suppose you are a coming year 1 student right. You don’t have to do anything about it. You should see it in CORS when you log in tomorrow (thursday) morning. The modules shld be there. You just have to bid for those extra modules that you want to take. For korean 1, as it is not a biz module, you bid for it only from monday onwards.

        Some classes are held in sectionals format. While some are in lecture/tutorial format. Tutorial balloting only starts during school term… you just rank the tutorial classes that you would want to have and they will allocate based on your rankings. Need to do so strategically… and do remember to choose a few slots for each module if they have tutorials… just in case they are all snatched up.

        Hope this helps 🙂


      3. So does it mean that i don’t have bid any module/s tomorrow and wait till monday to bid for korean 1? Thanks so much for answering and helping me. You really do help a lot!! 😀

      4. Yup that will be the case. Unless you decide to do one more business module, then you will bid during round 1C . Otherwise, it will be on Monday, during round 2A. No problem, glad that I managed to help.


  12. Hello Jia Hui! Im a BAC student coming year 2 this sem. Came to know of your blog while browsing and your results are really good! I will be taking Fin2004, Acc 3601, 3603 and 3605 this upcoming semester… And i’m wondering if you could send me any practice papers/tutorials/lecture notes to me? I would be extremely grateful for it thank you! 🙂

    1. Hey Jaslyn, thanks!

      There aren’t really practice papers for the accounting modules, I only have the lecture notes with me… which I suppose you will be having them if you are having the same profs for those modules. Will try to send them to you when I am free after work, won’t be asap. Hope you can understand.

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  13. Hi,

    I’m a BBA year 2 student. Came across your blog while searching for module reviews and such, and it has been a great resource for all things BBA. Was wondering if you could send me your materials for FIN2004, DSC2008, MNO2007 and MNO2009? I’m just looking to use them for reference purposes rather than practice seeing as the course content etc are dependent on profs and their idiosyncrasies. Just email me the stuff whenever it is most convenient for you. Thanks 🙂

  14. Hi Jia Hui! Your blog was really helpful! I am considering bidding for DSC2006, but seeing your review, it seems like a tough module…do you mind sending me the course outline for operations management as the most recent one I can find is in 2006 so I’m not sure whether it’s up to date. Thank you!

    1. Hi… thanks for coming to my blog. I am actually still busy with my internship, so will not really have e time to send you the stuff in the coming few days. The earliest that I can send will be like after this friday. Do let me know if this is ok.

  15. Hi Jia Hui! Thanks for your helpful blog. I am year 2 BBA student and I’m gonna take FIN2004, MNO2007, BSP2001 and SSA2211 this semester. Just wondering if you can send me the materials and resources for these modules. My email is Thanks a lot for your help and really hope to receive your reply.

    1. Hi Nikki, I will add you in to dropbox for the modules except SSA2211 cos I only have discarded all those year 1 mods away already. Hope this is ok. Sorry.

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  16. Hi Jia Hui! Thank you very much for sharing on your tips. I am taking FIN2004, MNO2007, MKT2401 and MKT2411. Is it possible for me to ask for your materials for these modules? Greatly appreciate your helpfulness! My dropbox email is 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon and thanks once again!

  17. Hi Jiahui,

    I came across your blog while searching for MNO2007 as I was clueless on how to start my individual report on leadership and I was wondering if you can share some your MNO2007 information with me? Would appreciate a lot if I can get some reference from you! 🙂


      1. Hi Jiahui! Thanks for sharing! Nope my prof is not William Koh. He’s not reaching this sem. There are actually some variations to the course assessment but your info still helps! Thanks so much Samaritan! 🙂

  18. Hi Jiahui, do you think you could give me a rough idea on how the BSP2001 mcq questions are set? 🙂 and what i should focus more on to get a better understanding of the module? would help a lot, thank you! 🙂

    1. Hey amanda, not too sure if they are still set the same way cos I took it 2 yrs ago… haba but basically there are conceptual questions and also source-based qns… source qns are those that test your concept applications on e sources… so u will need to know your concepts well and know how to apply them. Definitely there will also be some calculations involved. Hope this helps.

  19. Hello there, just stumbled upon your website while googling DSC2006 😛 I’ll be taking DSC2006 and FIN2004 but there aren’t any past year papers on the library website 😦 Do you mind sending them to me? Thanks a lot =)

    1. Hi Sophie, the papers are actually a few batches before I even took them… it won’t be the recent ones so I’m not sure if the content are still relevant. I will go look for it and send to you if I found it. No guarantee for dsc2006 as the stuff was in my old computer and I’m not sure if I have transferred everything over. Thanks.

  20. Hi Jia Hui, I have been stalking ur blog since yr1 sem 1. Your blog is seriously really helpful to me for all the biz modules info. I wonder if you have the notes/resources or any materials for ACC1006, ACC2002, DSC1007, MKT1003? Greatly appreciate your helpfulness! My email is . Thanks a lot!!!

  21. Hello JiaHui, I came across your blog while researching about NUS! I recently graduated from polytechnic and went for the NUS interview a few days back. Your blog is really insightful (woah like you even added your grades and reviews) I was wondering if you still had notes for ACC 3606, ACC 3612, ACC 3615 I’m hoping that by reading ahead, I can make more informed choices. 🙂 Will be extremely grateful if you could email them to me at
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Amanda, thank you so much for your support. Glad that this blog has helped you. 🙂

      By the way, I have sent you the dropbox access for the modules that you have requested for. Would appreciate if you do not remove them as others are also viewing it. Thank you.


  22. Dear jiahui,
    Firstly thanks for your blog post as it is really informative:) Would you happen to have past year papers for DSC2006 and FIN2004? Didn’t do well in the midterms for both of them….so I thought it will be better to practice more for finals. Thank you so much! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi, I have sent you an email with all the past year papers that I have. They are abit out-dated though so do check if the content are relevant before doing. All the best for your finals! 😀

  23. Dear Jiahui,
    I have been stalking your blog for module reviews since I started year 1! Thanks for providing these useful reviews! I am going to take BSP2001, DSC2008 and ACC2002 next sem, and I am wondering do you still happen to have the notes and exam papers for these modules? Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hey Jenny, thanks for your continued support for my blog. Glad that it has been of some help to you all.

      As for your question, I only have the soft copy notes for BSP2001 and ACC2002 (if I remember correctly). Accountancy students during my time do not have to take DSC2008 so I don’t have any materials related to that though. If you are ok, I can send you the dropbox link to the materials.


  24. Hi Jiahui! It’s me again haha I’ve been stalking your blog since year 1. Very grateful and thankful for all the module reviews and those has been really helpful to me!! I am taking BSP2001, DSC2006, FIN2004 and MNO2007 this sem, do you mind sharing with me the resources if you still happen to have them?? Thanks a lot!! :)))

  25. Hi Jiahui! Thank you for the module reviews. I am entering Year 2 this August and would like to know if you are able to send me some of your notes for reference? Thank you so much in advance! My dropbox account is 🙂

      1. Hi Jia hui, I was hoping to get any Level 2 business modules notes that you may still be holding as I have yet to take any of those modules yet. Would really appreciate it if you could send them to me (if they are still available). Otherwise it’s fine too! Thanks a lot for your reply 🙂

  26. Dear jiahui,
    Thank you for your informative blog! 🙂 Do you still have any notes for accounting modules? I would like to read them so that I can make a more informed choice when bidding. Thank you 🙂 Please send them to me, my email address is :

    1. Hi!
      I do have the softcopy notes for the accounting modules still. There has been some changes to the curriculum since i graduated in 2014 but i will think that you won’t have to bid for those modules (they will be allocated to you) unless you are referring to the level 4k modules. Will share with you the dropbox links soon.


  27. Hi Jia Hui
    I really enjoy reading your blog! May i know if you could share the dropbox links for accounting modules with me? cos i really wanna read up on the course content beforehand. email is:

    Much thanks!

    1. Hey Reefver,

      Thank you for your support! 🙂

      I only have the dropbox links for the level 3k/4k modules, not the foundation modules for ACC 1002 Financial Accounting/ 1006 Accounting Information Systems/ 2002 Managerial Accounting though.

      Will send those to you and you may take a look to see if you require them. Hope they help you someway or another.

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

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