my 100th post – Operation HOHOHO

before I go into my results, let me just go off topic and talked about the sunday that had just past, 19th December 2011. went for a CIP named Operation HoHoHo… it was actually a 2-day event (Friday and Sunday) but I could only make it for the Sunday edition. 🙂

the empty Gong Cha store

well, basically the whole event was about raising funds for ComChest and stuff like cookies, sweets, postcards, christmas cards and poloaroids were sold. I went with 3 of my friends and we combed Orchard Road to get the public to buy our stuff. very happy day… lots of fun, we were in the mood (with the christmas hats that we were wearing as well, much cooler than the small lighted ones… well… antique stuff still look better, isn’t it?)

before we set off...

we met many different kinds of people, good-looking adults and kids, families who brought their children out some of which are actually quite big (in terms of their age). some were kind, some were reluctant. there were also many maids, considering that it was their off day on Sunday.

but before everything started, the trip to Orchard was by far the worst trip of my life. As all Singaporeans would have already known, the SMRT trains broke down 3 times in 4 days over the last weekend, so there was an overnight repair, and train services were expected to resume at 10am. but!!! it was delayed till 11am, and the northbound line was delayed till even noon.

things to be sold 🙂

I travelled from Eunos and to get to Orchard, I would have to make a transfer at City Hall. When I was at City Hall, noticed some people were waiting for the trains. Just to make sure that there really was going to be a train coming, I went up to check at the control station. the staff told me that it was coming soon, so I just went back wait. 2 westbound trains came while I was waiting, so more and more people were waiting at the northbound platform. when the train arrived, the markings on the floor were useless. everybody, i will say more than 50% of the people at the station were all the maids (and maybe their boyfriends too), were crowding just in front of the doors, giving those who want to step out of the train NO CHANCE!

i was at the front, managed to get in but i had difficulty getting out when i reached. orchard was relatively quiet on a sunday afternoon, partly caused by the delay in the starting of the train services.

the rain was also another thing that spoilt the event. heavy rain, people carrying umbrellas, ignored us when we approached them. we also had to seek shelter and suffer all the cigarette smoke that was being produced in the area.

my friends and i were split into 2 pairs, my pair sold more of the polaroids and my friend’s sold more of the food, so I can say we complemented each other… haha 🙂 i was telling my friend that maybe they see us friendly and therefore agreed to let them take photos for them, while my friend used his knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia to deal with the maids who were also out with the young kids. NICE! 🙂

u r not seeing wrong, the xmas hats stand!

made friends there oso, friends whom i have added on facebook but i do not know who they are until yesterday… (shall leave out the details and not make it any longer)… and they happen to be studying in business school as well, so while we were waiting for the rain to stop during dinner time, we just talked. and it was nice talking to them, even though i was the oldest in the group (lucky i’m not the oldest among all of them present)

Me and 李腾

alright, basically, to sum up. it was a charity fiesta, wonderful day… saw many people… despite the awful traveling experience. as what i told my friends, it was actually a day for us to accumulate as much merits before the release of results on tuesday (even though it will not have much impact on it either… haha). a long time since i last did CIP, this one was definitely a memorable and satisfying one. haha 🙂 and i actually get to see an actor, Lee Teng. took a photo with him outside his shop, STAGE located in Scape.

tomorrow’s the release of semester 1 results, a post will be done, just like my previous 2 semesters. praying hard that it will be a good one, if it isn’t… well, i will just try harder next sem, even though it is definitely going to be much harder.

wishing all in advance, a Merry Chirstmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

something to go along with the falling snow backdrop while you are reading this post, here’s Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe.

and a christmas song for all too… here’s All I Want for Christmas Is You! 🙂

signing off, and getting ready for the next post tomorrow,

with lots of love in the air,
Lian Jiahui Cheyne


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    1. hey hey… thanks.

      actually not much, i started the blog in a moment of impulse. so after my 1st post, i felt it was quite bad to leave it alone. so whenever i have something that i wanted to blog about, i just blog it. everything about my life. you can have a theme for your blog, it would be easier for you to formulate all your entries.

      I do not really want to invest in a blog, so i’m totally into free platform like what i’m doing here with wordpress. blogger doesn’t seem to be my kind yah… haha 🙂 hope this helps.

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