NUS AY 2010/2011 Semester 2 Results

It has been quite some time since I last posted here, the last being the post GE results.

And well, before we know it, May is almost coming to an end. And today is the day where alll NUS students will be waiting for, release of results for Semester 2, Academic Year 2010/2011.

Well, not really looking forward to it… remember, in my previous post, I have actually indicated my estimates on how my results are going to be….

Results were sent out to me quite early this morning, since I subscribed to the Push SMS system whereby they will “PUSH-OUT” the results to us, and not having me to worriedly sit in front of the computer trying to logon to the system to view my results. Last sem, the results were sent to me while I was still sleeping, and when the SMS came, I just had no mood to sleep. This semester…. i woke up earlier since I had to go to work earlier on, but not that early otherwise you won’t be able to see this post so HOT and READY!

HEre’s my results.


Expected Grades (Grade Point)

Actual Grades (Grade Point)

ACC 1002 Financial Accounting

B (3.5)

A- (4.5)

BFS 1001 Personal Dvpt and Career Mgmt

Completed Satisfactorily

BSP 1004 Legal Environment of Business

B- (3.0)

A (5.0)

DSC 2006 Operations Management

B- (3.0)

B (3.5)

GEK 2506 Drugs and Society

B (3.5)

B+ (4.0)

MNO 1001 Management and Organisation

B- (3.0)

B (3.5)





Average CAP
(plus Sem 1’s 3.63)



airight, as you can see everything is above. I dun really quite understand what the SMS is trying to tell me, I only understood the parts on the grades that’s all… cos i think i can calculate the rest by myself, but you can see, it phailed (from all the hmm and ???)

some blurry things here and there, but all will be clarified when I can see the results online. cos SMS need to save money arh, they cannot type too long wan leh… yah, actually, it’s just 1 SMS… so cheapo, why cannot give us more information…. zzz….. here’s the review for each module….

ACC 1002 Financial Accounting: A-
Accounting arh, accounting. I’m still waiting for the letter to tell me if I can transfer to Accountancy, cos I think that there’s no way I can survive in any of the Business Specialisations, just take a look at all the previous Foundation Modules result, Marketing B- (zzzz), Econs B-, Ops Mgmt B, MNO B. This is by far one of the best foundation modules that I have ever taken. I always make sure that I participate in class so I can secure my class part. marks, cos I really want to do well for it. And I somehow think I didn’t do well because of many reasons, (1) my midterm results weren’t that great, just average, (2) my group project, though we put a lot of effort, I didn’t think we will do that well also… and (3) i screw up my cash flow statement during FINALS, so to be able to get this grade… I’m glad. Please let me get my transfer seriously… so I don’t have to think so much what I will have to do for my specialisation…..

BSP 1004 Business Law: A
Ok…. this is really a shocking one, did I improve so much over the Finals or what, and i thought i’m always bad at writing essays…. this is my 1st A… omg… my 5.0 grade for a module…. Aargh…. class participation just OK lor… haha…. project also not very good… seriously, i couldn’t believe i could get an A for it…. haha….

DSC 2006 Operations Management: B
Ok, this module has no project. just class part, mid terms and finals. i was in the B range for midterms, and the final was screwed cos I left almost 25m of the paper blank, because I have no idea what the S*** it is talking about, and did I tell you that my 2-page cheatsheet was USELESS. My friends who have all along been having consistently good results are cursing the lecturer now… because of this module that pulled their overall CAP down…. i won’t say much lah, this module is interesting to study, but don’t belittle the paper…. haiz…. I wish my lecturer Lucy Chen all the best in recovering from her leg injuries. 🙂

GEK 2506 Drugs and Society: B+
only lectures and no tutorial….. midterms and one small project, I wasn’t expecting much even though an A- will also be good since the module is relatively ok for me… just the final exams, i was tikam-ing my way through when i see questions that I don’t know. Haha… good module to take if your semester is relatively content-heavy. I’m taking this because I’m now in the Pharmaceutical Science Minor Program, and it is part of the requirement.

MNO 1001 Management and Organisation: B
An acceptable result, considering I’m not a writer, i can never crap stories like others, cos i think it’s not right to make marker read something extra and redundant (you must be thinking.. YAH RIGHT!… haha… i also think so too… haha). I won;t say much about it, 35% is dependent on project, we did our best to do well, didn’t manage to secure ourself in the Awards… but we had a great time…. Thanks to all my group mates from EAT.RIGHT

Ok… while people are being sad because their CAP is being pulled down, I’m glad that I have made an improvement. And seriously, my studying habits didn’t change, it never will cos I don’t know how to do so… haha…. last sem I had to S/U a module to pull my CAP up by a mere 0.03. I’m glad i don’t have to exercise it this sem… 🙂 from a 3.63 to a 4.1. I musn’t get complacent cos it will definitely drop next sem and the modules are confirm going to be harder….

dedicating the song to all NUS people…. get the Happiness you can get now… with a new semester coming, we shall work even harder to get even better results. 🙂



80 thoughts on “NUS AY 2010/2011 Semester 2 Results

    1. Hey Mack, i will send you what i have from last semester. but because the papers are few AYs ago, so some questions may already have been outdated. so you have to scan through and select what are the more relevant ones. 🙂

      1. hey, Im DSC2006 this term and although the questions may be outdated out really love to get a feel for the exam. So if you dont mind, and still have some of the material please send them to Thank you!

      2. Hi Adam,

        Apologies on this but I have cleared the course content for my year 1 modules already. You may want to check with your immediate seniors (i.e. Year 2 seniors) on whether they have such papers.

        Jiahui Cheyne

  1. Hey Jia Hui, I’m beginning my Sem 2 this Jan and i chanced upon your blog when i was looking for info on the drugs and Soc mod.

    I’m interested in the Pharma Minor as well, but i don’t noe anyone who’ve taken it before, so if you could provide some feedback on it, it would be helpful. Also we have to take physical pharmacy yeah? Have you taken it already? And may I know what it is about?

    1. Hi, you need to apply for the Pharmsci Minor through the Pharmacy Department first. I think a few days ago, the Science Dept has just sent an email to tell you about the application for it.

      Of the 6 mods that you have to take, one of them is GEK 2506 Drugs and Soc, which I have taken in Sem 2 last year. From what I know, yah you will have to take Physical Pharmacy. Not really sure what other modules there are. I have to drop my Minor programme because of my faculty commitments.

      I will say it is a good minor to take. which faculty u from? Biz too… haha 🙂

      1. No I’m from the science faculty, currently taking chem. Well I thought it’d be an advantage to take it as my minor, that’s primarily why.

        Anyways, thanks for the prompt reply, I’ve just completed the application, n e deadline’s stated as 5 jan, but was there an interview or anything or they look at Sem 1’s CAP?

      2. Hey, haha i happened to be doing a post and saw your comment, so replied it asap before I forget it. haha 🙂

        Erm, last year sem 1 when I applied for it, I was the 1st batch of students to apply. At that time, there wasn’t any interview, and they based it on my A Level Results to determine if I can get into the Minor Programme. There maybe a chance that they may look into Sem 1’s CAP given the late deadline.

        All the best to you in your application 🙂 It is definitely a good module to take. I think with Chemistry, it should not be that big of a problem for you, given that Pharmaceuticals are mainly about organic chemistry. I took H3 Pharmaceutical Chem during JC, so that actually made me wanna take the Minor last year.

  2. Hi!

    I’m matriculating into NUS biz this aug. Is it advisable to take on DSC 2006 Operations Management and also French class even though there’s 5 pre-allocated modules (Including one with 0MC)?

    Will the workload be too heavy for a new student?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hey, I would advise not to. It would be good for you to experience the 1st semester first, so i would advise not to take so many mods at one go. cos year 1 mods in biz are quite heavy in terms of projects, so much time will be taken up. plus if you are intending to do french, it will take up another 7hrs every week. so if you want to do a 6th module, i will say choose one between dsc2006 and french.

      Hope this helps. if you have anything, just feel free to drop me a question yah. i will do my best to help you. 🙂

    1. hey michelle,

      i’m not so sure if content will be heavy. it all depends on whether you like the stuff that they are going to teach and whether you will be able to absorb them relatively fast without having to memorise them for exams.

      i suppose you saw from my blog how’s the assessment will be like right. the final exams are all mcqs, so just need to familiarise urself with all that’s taught and everything should be fine. if you are a science student, then it shouldn’t be a big problem for you. they did not really go in depth, like what the professors say, it’s a GEM/Breadth module, not meant to kill people, but more of extending knowledge in other areas.

      hope this helps. 🙂

      lian jiahui cheyne

  3. Hello! Am taking GEK2506 and chanced upon your blog. What would you say the MCQs were like? Is it mainly testing our understanding of concepts, or those that ask for nitty-gritty details? An arts student taking a science mod after a really long while, so I’m a little worried..


    1. Hey, i suppose it will be a combination of both. you should be able to grab hold of the nitty-gritty details during lectures, not all the things are mentioned in the slides, but during lecture itself. so either catch the webcast or go for the lectures and listen carefully. otherwise, all else should be fine. 🙂 hope this helps!

  4. Hello Jiahui! i think you’ve been doing great in NUS biz, wonder how you do so well! HAHA. i practically got my sem1 screwed. I’m taking acc1006 and acc2002 this sem and i was wondering if you’ve got any useful tips on how to do well for these mods esp acc1006 as i can’t seem to understand whatever that is taught. Also, do you have any pastyear papers and useful resources for these 2 mods? If you do, do you mind sending them to me pleaseeeee! (: my email is

    Thank you!! 😀

    1. hey JingYi,

      thanks! 🙂 with regards to your concerns right… i’m not sure how to study for acc1006 actually. for acc2002, all you need to do is to understand, get your tutorials done and make sure you know what you are doing.

      as for acc1006, i will say it’s like a fluffing mod in my opinion. it gets u ready for acc3603, and i tink i din get the foundation well, so kinda screwed up for acc3603, which i tink i will screw up for acc3613 (advanced audit) oso.

      no practice papers/ past year papers from my side eh. they din give us any for us to practise on that time. sorry yah…

      all the best to you this coming semester. 🙂 do your best, that’s more important. 🙂

      your senior,
      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  5. Hello there, I am currently taking DSC2006 and BSP 2005, will it be possible if you send me your resources for these mods or add me into the dropbox folders? Thanks a lot, you’ve always been of great help to students like me;)

  6. Hi Cheyne,

    I’m taking dsc2006 this semester. Would you mind sending to me related materials like practice papers and solutions?

    Thank you so much!

  7. Hi,

    I am taking DSC2006 currently, would you mind sending me some practise papers and solutions? Thank you so much!

    1. Hey, I will send them direct to your private email those I can find… cos I only have one for e final… none for midterm… a number of very old papers which have like close to 90% irrelevant stuff… so do tell ne if you still want it yah… thanks

      Lian Jiahui Cheyne

  8. Hi,

    I am taking DSC2006 currently, would you mind sending me some practise papers and solutions? Thank you so much! (

    1. Hey, I will send them to your email. Not sure if they are still relevant though… cos the ones i have are from 2004-2006 versions and many questions are actually out-of-scope…

  9. Hi readers (especially fellow nus biz sch friends),

    it has come to my attention that many of you are asking for past practice papers.

    it’s not that i am not willing to give, however especially for dsc 2006, the papers i have are actually from 2004-2006 and especially the final practice paper by prof lucy chen during my sem of study, are all irrelevant and it served little help for me cos the finals turned out to be completely different from those papers. the old papers have like 80 to 90% of the content that were out of the syllabus at the time i studied. hence i will say that for dsc 2006, they are actually pretty useless.

    it will be more useful if you get your content knowledge secured rather than rely on practice papers cos NUS profs won’t recycle past questions. as for other mods, due to the time that i have taken them, they could have aged and be not as relevant as well.

    i will try to respond whenever i can but if i don’t, i seek your understanding. quite busy with work now, so may not be able to respond to them and also it will take me time to filter the things that you will want. hope to get your understanding and i hope there will be fewer requests for practice papers yah 🙂

    i wish all of you all the best for your exam preparations.

    Lian Jiahui Cheyne

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  11. Hi Jiahui,

    Thanks for your blogs. They are useful indeed!As a freshie, I have no idea what to expect in uni. Is it possible to add me in the biz dropbox when you are free? Many thanks!

      1. Hmm am doing DSC2006 and acc1002 this sem…but it seems that the syllabus has changed…anyway I still would like to look at those year 2,3 core mod:)

    1. Hello, you need to let me know what modules you are taking so I can add you to the relevant ones cos I only have those foundation modules and not the specialisation modules. My main degree is that of accounting. Let me know yah. Thanks.

      1. Hey Kenneth,

        I actually don’t have the soft copy items for those 3 modules actually… when i took them, they were all lecture-tutorial format, not like yours which is the sectionals format. the profs teaching are also different, so i suppose content will be different as well.

        apologies on this.


  12. hi there, i am interested to minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am currently a BBA Y1 student.
    1)Will I be able to minor in it when I am in Y2?
    2) also, what does it take to minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences? do you have to be very strong in chemistry? i didnt take bio back in jc, but in sec school. will it help?
    3) would you encourage people to take it? am I able to SU if i didnt do well?

    sorry for the overwhelming questions. pls advise! thanks!

    1. Hello… nice to hear that you are interested in doing PharmSci minor. I applied, did it for a semester then droppped it after I transferred to Accountancy.

      (1) yes…. you can minor when in semester 2. Cos the minor is a closed minor, I.e. you need to apply and tell them you want to do the minor and if in, they will allocate you the modules according to your preference.

      (2) I didn’t take bio in jc too and because I applied before start of y1sem2 and even before y1sem1 results were out, I used my A level results to apply for it and managed to get into the minor program.

      (3) I would think the minor would be an interesting one cos it’s back to the sciences. Giving you a feel of a science education in NUS. I have to give up after transferring to accountancy because of timetable issues. I’m sure you have seen the information regarding the minor. Apart from lectures and tutorials, the modules that start with PR mostly have lab sessions and they tend to be 3/4hrs long… so you need to consider whether they can fit into your timetable concurrently with the BBA modules. Yup, that’s the concern that you shoyld should have. Apart from that, if you like pharmacy stuff… like all the medicines n content n how they absorb into body and stuff and how the chemical reactions are like, then I think you can take it.

      Do go research more on it if you are really interested. Hope this helps.


      1. thanks so much for your help, jiahui! (: yeah i am interested to take up and have consulted some of my pharmacy friends. sadly, i have missed the deadline. i hope to apply for the next application when it opens up again before i begin my y2s1.

        so for now, would you advise me to take up gek2506 as a gem first? to get a taste of how is it like?

        i am very afraid of the steep bell curve and the level 4000 mods!

      2. Hey, no worries on that. Just apply when the next window opens and just don’t be late again. :p

        Yup, that’s what I initially took when I first started the minor. I cleared GEK2506 Drugs & Society during Y1 Sem2. I will say the taste is very minimal…. haha after all it is a General Education Module.

        Well, for the higher modules, normally the class will be smaller, and bell curve will always be there. But especially for science modules, esp for such health-related modules, I think they will be more strict since they won’t want to risk giving good grades to people who are not doing things right.

        All the best to you and I hope you can graduate with the PharmSci minor. 🙂


  13. thanks for your help again! so if i took it as a gem now,it can be transferred to the essential module in the minor program? sorry for the questions, i just want to confirm if this is right!

    and if i ever happen to decide to drop the minor program, gek2506 will still be considered as a gem right?

    1. I suppose that can be done. Not confirmed though. You can write in to check with the pharmacy dept ppl…

      And yep if you decide to drop the minor, the gem will still be counted. That’s confirmed cos it’s the case for me. 🙂

      1. alright thanks so much! was the module allocated to you or do you have to bid for it (when you were still in the minor prog)? gek2506 module can be expensive!

  14. thanks so much! i am just curious what is the small project about? is it necessary to attend the lecture as there are webcasts?

    1. hey…. No worries.

      If you search for the module content in IVLE, you should be able to see the content. Here’s what I found there.

      “The Final Examination consists of multiple choice questions with no negative marking. Students are allowed to bring in a single “cheat sheet” (A4 size paper, written or printed on both sides) for the examination. Final Examination constitutes 60% of total marks.

      Continual Assessement (40% of total marks) comprise (i) a short question test (close book) which will be scheduled on a date /venue to be stated later; (ii) Project (individual effort) based on an Audio-slide Assignment. Topics will be given when term starts.”

      As for the lecture, you can choose to just fully depend on the webcasts. So it is actually not necessary to attend them. 🙂


  15. Hi Jia Hui,
    I did a check on CORS and it seems likely that the gek1506 module is not available for Sem 2s.
    So, would you recommend this GEK2506 instead? You mentioned that it is content-heavy, so means lots of rote memorising? But you think that the finals is very hard? Is it because the content they ask did not really come out before?

    1. What is GEK1506?

      GEK2506 Drugs and Society mainly is alot of Biology and Pharmacy-related content to memorise, so although the finals is all MCQ (when I took it that time), you will need to know the content well. There is a 2-page A4 cheatsheet but you can’t possibly squeeze everything in cos the content is really alot so you still need to know and understand your stuff. As for the midterms for this module, it is open-ended questions, so yup memorising is still required cos marks are awarded for points given, not any fluff.

      Hope this helps. You will need to plan your modules well to see what you can do and what you can’t in the different semesters.


  16. Hi Jiahui,

    Im interested in taking GEK2506, was wondering if you could send me some resources on this module. Thanks a lot!

  17. Hi Jiahui, your blog has provided the most useful info on what I could find online about GEK2506 Drugs and Society. NUS IVLE/CORS doesn’t even set out the syllabus/course content. May I ask you to send me what you have on this so that I can get a better idea? My email is Thank you!

    1. Hello! Thank you! 🙂

      I have sent you a link to dropbox for this module. What’s there are what i have that I managed to recover from my hard disk. Hope it helps. 🙂


    1. Hi Jiaxin, drugs and society I will say is an interesting module. If the format had not changed as compared to when I took it 5 years back, I remember they allowed a double-sided one piece A4 cheatsheet. You can choose to put everything in provided you are able to find them during exams. If not, then you may need to memorise some of the content.

      If you are not a Science person, then the challenging part comes in because there are many Science terms that you be required to understand and apply them during the exams.

      Hope this helps.

      Lian Jiahui

    1. Hi, if I remember correctly, there is a individual project, one CA and final exam. For the CA and final exam, they mainly consist of MCQs and short-answer questions. An one-page A4 cheatsheet is allowed for the exam.

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